Those few years ago Rife magazine invited me to go on screen and answer 9 questions on equality and change. Here’s the second part of this little series:

4. What does equality mean to you?

Equality means respect. Equality is humanism, is consciousness. It’s the opposite of unquestioned repetition. What we’re used to is inequality, so equality is change.

5. Equality is when….

Equality is when we step back from considering a person foremost by their gender. It’s when we realize that more than being men or women we are all human.

Equality is when judgement towards expression or feelings of gender-nonconformity ceases to exist, and women as well as men dare to express freely with no fear.

Obviously equality is also when the gender pay gap is closed, but it’s the little things in everyday life that cement inequality, and these need to change.

I think true equality can only take place in a more fearless and conscious society.

6. In the next 100 years I hope…..

In the next 100 years I hope my, or rather Baal’s, third-gender size system will be integrated into the corporate reality of fashion and that we will have weakened the boundaries between the genders, towards a more humanist approach.