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Who are you/ what’s your project?

Riposte is “a quick, clever reply to an insult or criticism”, created by queer artists and ravers as an alternative to the mainstream art world they didn’t fit in. The name represent that: it’s a Riposte, an answer to what we dislike, trying to create a space where we feel safer.

What’s your gender identity?

We are a collective who keeps changing. From 2, to 6, to 3, we represent a wide range of the LGBTQ+ community in all its diversity. As well as part of different minorities, in terms of disability, skin colour and gender. This is what gives us power when working as a group, as we all bring different point of view and ideas.

What’s your art?

We bring about 30 artists together at every exhibition, mixing installation, performances, visual art of all forms (photography, painting, illustrations), as well as musicians, Djs, poets, singers or even tech professionals as we had some VR. But they are all under the same themes, accessibility, silliness, exploration. We think of what we want to present, some art challenging normative society and how we interact with it. The fact that these events are really busy and wild also shaped the art making, as it needs to be resistant to damage or inexpensive, easy to put on and off and preferably affordable for people to buy.How does your queerness influence your art ( if it does)? It does immensely, not only by the fact that most of our artists are LGBTQ+ but also by the political aspect of it. Queerness is political, and this is ethos by which we live. We fight against oppression and domination and art is often a strong way to communicate ideas and feelings. The art shown at Riposte is often political and social, with strong liberal ideas.  

How has lockdown/ quarantine influenced your artistic creation?

We had to go online! It was an amazing experience to connect with the community during these hard times. We can all breathe more freely in queer spaces and being lock at home cut from our chosen family can be extremely hard on mental health. During lockdown, we did both parties and art workshop, with thing such as singing classes, poster making, or even some cook along, as well as intense techno raves!

How would you describe what your art is about or what the purpose of it is ( if there is a particular one)?

It is all about community and building together a brighter future. We are always doing some activism, so our art is always about passing messages to the viewer and the participants. 

When is your next event and how can we watch it?


You can find all of our events through our  facebook page and our instagram

Where do people might know you from?

You might know us from our crazy hectic raves, where your mates might have got a tattoo, seen a fashion show or got kinky in our fun park, or through posters that are all around the city, or for afternoons dancing under the sun during our day parties!

our interview with DJ the Blonde Spririt