The Jender podcast

Episode 1 of season 2 Jade Phoenix

Episode 7 Aidan

Episode 6 Ivy

Episode 5 Adele

Episode 4 Blake

Episode 3 Nicky

Episode 2 Ravi

Episode 1 Sophie

The Jender podcast provides you with answers to quarantine, gender, fashion and food related questions and showcases fresh queer musical and literary talent straight from lockdown.

Hosted by Jen, the bi-gender founder of Baal, Jender gives a voice to Jen’s gender-variant friends and collaborators from London to Melbourne, it explores understandings and definitions of gender and inspires you on what to cook when you feel low in your quarantine kitchens.

Is gender nothing more than a social construct? Is femininity defined by softness and masculinity defined by strength? Surely not , we all kind of know that, but what are peoples personal opinions on those questions and how are they coping with the restrictions of lockdown? What can I learn from their mechanisms that I could use for myself ? What word art do my fellow queers create while locked in, that needs a stage? Should I judge myself for not being massively more productive?

Those are all questions I asked myself so I gave my friends a call to discuss and this podcast is the result.

The people I am interviewing are between 21 and 68 years old. Most live in London,some in Berlin, Hamburg and even Melbourne. They are trans-femme to trans-masc to gender-fluid on both ends of the spectrum and their lockdown feel-good food recommendations range from linguine with prawns over to something called “Tartiflette” over to strawberry Jelly and eggs on toast. The recipes are available on the blog here and their illustrations were done by Ravi

At the end of each episode there is an open stage for word creatives to broadcast their recordings and to then be rewarded with a fabulous upcycled ex-breadcrumbs tote bag by Baal. If you want your poetry/ word art/ music to be on the podcast get in touch through Baal itself