Who are you / What’s your project

My name is Ann phetamine and I’m a drag queen from Glasgow Scotland I mostly specialise in lipsyncing dance performances but also sing and dance

What’s your gender identity

I would describe my self as genderqueer I feel like I am very fluid when it comes to gender expression

What’s your art

My art is mostly just being a pretty idiot on stage aha I love performing taking serious songs and making them funny and making people laugh

How does your queerness influence your art ( if it does)

I’m not entirely sure queerness influences my art but rather my whole life and drag is a massive part of that

How has lockdown / quarantine influenced your artistic creation

I feel like I have become a lot more creative aesthetically working on costumes,looks and makeup my main job before this was all stage performances and I’m not able to do that at the moment  so I’ve been doing a lot of work on creating outfits and inspired looks.

My art is inspired by a lot of things from my childhood I absolutely loved rock and metal growing up but was also a fan of comedy sketch shows if I wasn’t listening to music I was making my own comedy sketches my art comes from there I didn’t really have the best time growing up but I took those two things that did make me happy and created the character of Ann phetamine almost kinda like a super hero I would’ve wanted to meet as a kid I base my aesthetics and looks off the women in metal I looked up to and wanted to perform like while keeping the comedy and hysterics of the sketch shows I would watch. My main purpose is to make people laugh have a good time and ultimately feel good about themselves and the place they are in