Take part in creating a better size system

Baal, the trans-positive Fashion label, that was founded in 2013 in Berlin needs your collaboration to improve it’s “Transgender size system” and so change the world.

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Baal is working towards a fashion reality, in which MtF Transgender people will not have to compromise on fit and style anymore. The clothes are created in our very own “third gender” ( third gender simply because we have two systems already for adults) size system. It is in its gender expression female but does not use the measurements of cis-female bodies. So to improve the sizing system we need a lot of measurements.

Are you Trans-female, non-binary trans-female, MtF crossdressing/ Transvestite, amab gender-fluid with a rather feminine gender expression?

Then please tell us about your definitions of femaleness/ femininity and get out your measurement tapes and follow the instructions. It’s best to do that together with someone as it’s fairly impossible to measure ones own shoulder width for instance. You can add your details in inches or centimetres. Please be honest, as we can only change fashion with exact numbers.

And if you want to know who you’re sending your precious measurements to, check out who we actually are and who Baal is.

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