Who are you/ what’s your project?

I am the blonde spirit and my project is called DIVINE feminine dance music. I dj ethnic and spiritual sounds mixed with dance and trance to create the perfect tantric seduction sounds.

What’s your gender identity?
I am a trans woman and i identify as female. 

What’s your art?
Music and writing books 

How does your queerness influence your art ( if it does)?

I feel that trans people are conduits to connect masculine and feminine expressions and experience in a spiritual sense. I want to create music to make love to which imbue the sensuality and essence of my transgender experience. 

How has lockdown/ quarantine influenced your artistic creation?

In the beginning I was making lots of content then i got depressed and lost interest in making music and engaging with others. My mental health has been badly affected as i have always been a very community orientated person. I made a new mix this week and reconnected with my DIVINE feminine dance music which was uplifting and healing. 

How would you describe what your art is about or what the purpose of it is ( if there is a particular one)?

The purpose is quite simply to create music with heart that people can have sex to.  Music creates a deeper connection when making love its vibrational. Some of my happiest moments in life are connected to listening to deep music and having sex …its a healing experience almost like meditation.

Where do people might know you from?

PapaLoko stunners transister and trade

Here’s the link to her Jender podcast episode