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Jender podcast

Why everyday is Wicked

play here On a week of endings Jen talks with Aidan, who is half Indian and identifies as non-binary-femme. We talk how living in non-binary-country and “ degenerate fox”, which is the theatre company they play at and their play “the dirty thirty” . We discuss what it’s like working for a westend theatre and …

Jender podcast

Why 2020 was neon pink

In Episode 3 of the Jender podcast Jen speaks with Nicky, who is well known in the London queer rave scene, about Transister, clubbing in ones own bedroom, what it feels like to be a woman and loving apple pie. We talk about bearded ladies, pink lycra and legs and Kate James-Moore recites her fresh …

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Why Tutus are really for men

In Episode 2 of the Jender podcast I speak about queer gender and masculinity with friend and fellow Radical Faerie Ravi. He is also the creator of all drawings for the recipes mentioned on the podcast, check out his work. We speak about how he’s not that bothered about people calling Gender a “social construct”, …