Who are you/ what’s your project?

I am Othon and I am known as being DJ, producer, composer and pianist. I am also the founder of Papa Loko parties and of Conscious Expansion label.

What’s your gender identity?

Outwardly I am a man but inwardly I am genderless. I am striving in keeping my masculine and feminine aspects balanced. 

What’s your art?

Creating little pockets of ecstasy through prayer, love and sound. 

How does your queerness influence your art ( if it does)?

In a way that it could never be straight, in the broad sense of the word. Having said that, I find difficult to identify fully with queerness too as it is also a human, and therefore limited, construct. 

How has lockdown/ quarantine influenced your artistic creation?

It has given me the chance to mainly focus on creating rather than organising or DJing, which has been very welcome.

How would you describe what your art is about or what the purpose of it is ( if there is a particular one)?

It’s about awakening, reconnecting and realising our true divine nature through musical journeys and ecstatic togetherness. My ultimate goal is to form a bridge between the audience and myself with the Supreme Consciousness –  with every little thing that I create. One day I hope to reach it.

When is your next event and how can we watch it?

I am not doing any live performances at the moment but I had a new piano single coming out on the 18th of June called Temporary.

Where do we know you from? 

Either through Papa Loko and other queer parties I have played such as Riposte, Berlin Berlin, Kaos etc or through my music. 

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