Who is outbutin

Karina and Jen almost kiss

“We” that’s two queers in love: Karina and Jen

Two people who, like most others got caught slightly off guard when the first lockdown emerged and the closing of pubs and clubs was announced. Coming back from a trip to South East Asia, we were hungry for some home nightlife. To reconnect with our friends and faeries is the one thing we looked forward to really.

How to deal with a London in which you can’t go out and rave though ? Where to connect and dance? And where can we find info on what’s really going on now on the scene? Dancing home alone in front of a camera? What’s that like?

Luckily enough the DJs and venues we love have found ways around it. There is no platform that features all the updated queer quirky odd spiritual faerie events that we’d like to attend in one place though. So we decided to create this platform ourselves and fill it with lots of other funky interesting stuff.

So here is “Out but in” , a London queer events homepage, in collaboration with the Jender podcast and Baalfashion.

Enter your events, comment and post on the blog, listen to talks with Jender, answer questions on femininity and check out our collaborators.

Karina is a Dragqueen and a DJ. One might know her from performances at the Glory at Madam JoJos “Tranny academy” and from being stunningly beautiful at parties such as Transister.

Jen / Verde is a non-binary fashion designer, who specialises in Womenswear for the transfemale community.

We’re both immersed in the scene and are determined to share with you what’s going on at the moment.

Here’s our blog and our podcast.