Like a sturgeon, touched for the very first time.

Who are you?

I’m Ripley, a political lipsyncer and occasional creator of protest pop. I’ve been producing the Like A Sturgeon show at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern for five years now and sometimes pop up at PopHorror and Cabaret Vs Cancer shows. I’m also the reigning two time Miss Belinda Carlisle but I’m too humble to bring that up.

What’s your project?

Currently putting the finishing touches on the next Like A Sturgeon show titled Nicola Enters The Multiverse. Like A Sturgeon is 100% lipsynced and fully pre-recorded with lots of political satire and Tory bashing. As you can imagine, Ive had my work cut out for me as there’s been QUITE a lot in the news recently. This show is also heavily inspired by movies Everything Everywhere All At Once and Multiverse of Madness. It explores what Nicola Sturgeon would discover if she had the ability to travel through other dimensions in order to find independence.

What’s your gender identity?

I’m cis male but I really don’t mind what pronoun people use to address me. 

How does your queerness influence your art?

As I make political works, everything is skewed through a queer lens. Social issues, specifically in relation to lgbtqia+ rights and minority rights, are always very close to my heart.

Has your artistic creation changed through the struggles of the Covid years?

During the pandemic i turned to making and releasing music exploring the political themes that would pop up in my shows. As i couldnt perform anywhere it was a good outlet for me. My EP ‘One Foot On The Ladder‘ is still on all good streaming services. Wink. 

When is your next event ?

 Youll catch me Friday 21st at Like A Sturgeon: Nicola Enters The Multiverse at thr RVT 

and then at PopHorror on Weds 26th

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