This is the last part of this little Q&A series on equality, gender and change that was conducted for Watershed. Enjoy 🙂

7. In the last 100 years we have achieved?

In the last 100 years we have achieved a lot. On a political level very much has been done towards equality, I’d almost say we live in a fake-equal society. The inequality nowadays is a lot more subtle and beneath the surface, to some people almost not that apparent anymore. We’ve achieved a lot on the outside. Now we should tackle the inside.

8. Can the political process bring change?

The political process has brought lots of change and yes it can when it comes to pay-gap and female quota, but it can’t change the traditional sexism in people’s heads.

9. How else do we achieve change?

We achieve change by questioning and acting according to our questioning, by living beyond the binary, by challenging people’s perceptions of femaleness, by confidently and kindly reassuring the fearful that the world isn’t suddenly going to collapse if we achieve equality and define things in less binary ways.

We achieve change by considering fellow women, including Transwomen, allies rather than threats.

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