Who are you/ what’s your project?

My name is Dolly Trolley and I’m the instructor of Drag Aerobics.
Drag Aerobics is the most fabulous and most outrageous exercise class on the internet. Its a 1 hour dance workout to the best camp anthems, led by me, with the aim of having a laugh, keeping moving, and feeling fabulous while you do it!

What’s your gender identity?

They/ them

What’s your art?

I’m a multi-talented professional drag queen, including being a cabaret performer, award-winning burlesque artist, events host and producer, visual artist, and fitness instructor.

How does your queerness influence your art ( if it does)?

As a drag artist, queerness is at the very centre of what I do. Drag is an opportunity to explore and experiment with your relationship with queerness in exaggerated and outwardly expressive ways for the enjoyment of others. Drag is always political, through its platforming of queerness and taking up space. I do drag for the queer community and for anyone who has ever felt like they don’t fit in, to show them that our differences which set us apart from societal norms are not only okay, but they are amazing, powerful, worth celebrating, and not that different at all!
In Drag Aerobics specifically, its a dance workout with a drag spin. Drag Aerobics, as a queer led event, has become a space where all are welcome, free of judgement, and in a space which feels safe, comfortable and fun! Many people have never been able to engage with exercise, either because most formats aren’t enjoyable, they a negative relationship with fitness stemming from the toxicity of school PE, or have found themselves previously ostracised from exercise environments because of their gender, sexuality, race, size, age, or ability. Its a very frivolous affair, and above anything else, is just the most fun and ridiculous way to exercise, but I get very passionate about what we have created!

How has lockdown/ quarantine influenced your artistic creation?

I have been running Drag Aerobics with Party with Ginger, a fabulous drag event production company run by Ginger Phlappage, since February 2019. When covid hit and we could no longer do our classes, I immediately took the class to a livestream so that our regulars wouldn’t miss out. The format worked great for online, much like a home video workout, and we adapted where necessary to produce an event which I’m very proud of and thousands of people have joined in with.

When is your next event ?