Red roses with pianos and guitars

Who are you?

Hi I’m Red Roses!

What’s your project?

I’m a composer, writer and performer! I’m writing a new musical called Red Roses and producing a new cabaret night called Sapphic Secrets with the legend that is Loui Von Dini!

What’s your gender identity?

I’m agender femme.

How does your queerness influence your art?

Queerness is everything!! The musical is about an alien who comes to earth with a challenge to create Equality. Sounds deep. It’s full on comedy. It’s needed!

Has your artistic creation changed through the struggles of the Covid years?

Covid has had a huge impact on all my work. I was directing musicals in China when covid hit and was one of the first to catch it and develop severe Long Covid which has left me physically disabled. I lost speech, movement, sight, extreme pain the full works. Playing piano helped my recovering initially as did other treatments and 2 years and 10 months on I’m now navigating what I can still do on stage as I make my return. And I am so excited to be able to say that finally!

When is your next event ?

Hope to see you this Saturday

and if you’d like to go to a rave after, here’s out interview with Othon of Papaloko