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In episode 4 I talk with work colleague and Tiktok celebrity Blake . We speak about the difficulties of being trans-masc but still enjoying makeup and dresses. We exchange stories of pub food, twerking on the fryer and banter in London pubs.

Blake shares his love for Linguine in white wine garlic sauce with prawns and considers gender a system he feels he doesn’t ascribe to. There’s discussions about the difference in cis-gender and gender-non-conforming identity and wonder wondering what it would feel like to be the other. We talk underwear, e-boy style and the struggle of trying or not trying to pass and the notion that non-binary expression in clothes really has no rules. ( instagram)

artwork as always by Ravi
pan on a medium high heat and pop some oil in there, make sure it’s toasty.
Dice some garlic and onions and fry em for a couple minutes til they’re brown.
While they’re frying pop in about a tablespoon of lemon pepper, herbes de provence and a TEENSY bit of cardamom, also put the linguine or tagliatelle on the boil (if ya don’t salt your water you’re a nonce).

Go to a medium heat and drop in those prawns, feel free to add more mixed herbs.
When the prawns are nearly done, slosh in some white wine (Sauvignon blanc for a more zingy taste, Chardonnay for a softer taste) and the juice of half a lemon.

Move to a low heat and put either a dish sieve or a lid with a gap over it and let the Juices reduce for however long you can be bothered, cuz ya don’t want soggy pasta.

Drain the pasta and plop that into the pan with the prawns, mix it all up
Chop up a lil bit of coriander and sprinkle that on, mixing it all around, then parsley as well if you’re feeling funky

Serve it up! I like to hide the prawns under my pasta so my mum thinks we get equal amounts when in actual fact I’ve got about 75% of em
Super easy, can take like 10 minutes, doesn’t need any effort and tastes peng