When I think of Easter then and now I think of towels and PVC shower curtains, how this year we might be sitting on our couches wrapped in coats made of terrycloth, nicely warmed up from the hot shower or bath we just took with our feet up , the telly on and our tea still smoking in front of us.

Last year I wore terrycloth too … and a shower curtain, but it was high fashion, it was techno, it was intoxication it was queer love and queer life. Yes last year we all danced together in the sunshine first and in the cold stone walls after at EGG London, and its BerlinBerlin Easter special. First time I’d created fashion in a long time. It felt good to wear it and it felt even better to see my design on my beautiful girl. I mean… look at those legs in that skirt. Mark, do you remember ? Michael? I’m sure you do. What a party.

In 2020 all we have is the memory, which really isn’t so bad either… terrycloth feels soft and shower curtains still feel slinky and sexy.

pink haired karina and blonde Jensi in Baal

the brown eyes of today