Out of a daze I decided today to put on my cosy pyjamas. The one that is a onesie and that looks like a lemur, a ring-tailed one. I connect with the idea of a lemur nowadays.

Jen sitting in front of a real live lemur, whilst wearing her lemur onesie

So what did I do? I took my fabulous girlboyfriend to the park where there is lemurs. They were crouching on top of the roof of the little house they’ve got where they live. It almost looked like they curled up to each other for warmth and a serious chat. As I arrived though.. they turned their heads and unexpectedly started moving…. towards me. I’d never seen one so close, dear me they were soft and interested. they looked me straight in the eye wondering . if there hadn’t been a fence around us and wire between us I’m sure the lemur had sat on me and maybe smelled my tail ( as lemurs use their hand glands to make their tails smell stronger)….. I personally have never actually smelled my tail so I’m not sure how that would have panned out, but I wouldn’t say no to a nice warm lemur looking at me now and curling up to me.

before this incident I knew very little about them and couldn’t relate to them so much… and how would I have done that. Before lockdown I didn’t even know that there’s lemurs in Golder’s Hill Park. It felt like an exotic animal from a different universe almost. So yeh, thank you lockdown for bringing me closer to the lemur in me.

the brown eyes of today