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Jens' Blog

Texts on lockdown life (5/5)

Dear lockdown 2 Ha, you would have laughed at me today when I was shopping in Lidl… bought Gluehwein ( mulled wine), Lebkuchen ( gingerbread) and Sahnehering ( herring in creamy sauce)….does it get any more German? I guess not… that’s what you do to me, you monster haha. Feeling unsafe, it seems, makes people …

Jens' Blog

Texts on lockdown life (4/5)

Dear lockdown 2, So how’s you today? I wrote another letter today… I hope you’re not jealous… I’ll let you know how the receiver likes it when it arrives.. ha I need luck for this to end up well I feel, but then.. it’s not like I’ve not done this before and last time it …

Jens' Blog

Texts on lockdown life (2/5)

Dear lockdown 2, A day or two has passed and things have changed a teeny tiny little bit i feel. How have you been? It’s two weeks now since you’ve been … put on us …a bit less even. The weather is worse, but that’s expected. I have finally managed to introduce some sort of …

Jender podcast

Episode 7 : Why everyday is Wicked

play here On a week of endings Jen talks with Aidan, who is half Indian and identifies as non-binary-femme. We talk how living in non-binary-country and “ degenerate fox”, which is the theatre company they play at and their play “the dirty thirty” . We discuss what it’s like working for a westend theatre and …


Dolly Trolley

Who are you/ what’s your project? My name is Dolly Trolley and I’m the instructor of Drag Aerobics.Drag Aerobics is the most fabulous and most outrageous exercise class on the internet. Its a 1 hour dance workout to the best camp anthems, led by me, with the aim of having a laugh, keeping moving, and feeling fabulous while …


Mr. Dandy Issues

Who are you/ what’s your project? So my name is Mr. Dandy Issues, I am a drag king known locally as the Bearcub fromBournemouth. Currently I produce GOD SAVE THE KINGS: the UK’s digital drag king show(GSTKs) which brings drag kings from all across the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland andWales) onto a digital stage as …